Stars shine on Jeff Davis County

Published 9:54 pm Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 21, 2013

It is a rare day indeed to have a Headlight front page story of a new business coming to town. Rarer still, to have in addition to (1) that new business, (2) a new restaurant opening and (3)the story of an inventor with a hot new product hitting the market that is produced in this county.

It is easy to sometimes forget the talent and drive that exists here in JDC. Fingers crossed, there’s more from whence this is coming.

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Perhaps it is simply the feel of autumn in the air, (How nice it was to wake up to 60 degree temperatures on Saturday morning!), but there does seem to be a mood of expectancy, of  something at which to look forward.

This magic in the air.could be new business, school starting, but more than anything, I would venture a guess that it is none other than ‘gridiron madness.”

Football season is here and the time has come to support your school, your team, your cheerleaders, your band, your concession stands, etc. etc. …and enjoy a Mississippi tradition.

At the Jamboree game in  Bassfield on Friday night tickets were being sold to Mississippi Gridiron Gold, a full-length documentary celebrating the history of football in the Magnolia State.

“Based on the popular book Gridiron Gold, the movie captures the passion of Mississippi high school football and tells the unique story of how a small state with less than three million residents has built a national reputation for titanic football” says the website.

Bassfield Coach Lance Mancuso is apparently taking the team for a viewing at the Marion Theatre in Columbia on Thursday night. Word has it that the Bassfield football program figures prominently in the film. We shall see, and I’ll tell you all about it.