Sheriff’s Dept charge for fingerprinting

Published 10:42 pm Saturday, August 24, 2013

By Karen Sanford
Editor Prentiss Headlight
The Board of Supervisors heard from Sheriff Ron Strickland on Monday requesting permission to charge $10 for the practice of fingerprinting.
“A lot of agencies charge a fee,” said Strickland who estimated that his office had performed approximately 70 printings at no charge in the last month for school district employees alone as a requirement for employment.
Strickland stated that area agencies charge upwards of $25 with the minimum being $10. “Only certain people in our office can do it and sometimes we have to come in just to do a fingerprint,” said Strickland.
The Board voted unanimously to allow the Sheriff’s Department to charge for the service.
• In the matter of drug seizure money, Strickland asked if the Board could allow an account to be set up for deposit of the funds. Currently, cash collected in a seizure is placed in a vault until the court system determines which party to award the money.
The Board voted to allow an account to be set up for the funds.
• Board Attorney Wes Daughdrill announced at Monday’s Board meeting that the Attorney General’s office had issued approval on the interlocal agreement allowing the Jefferson Davis County Sheriff’s Department to take over all law enforcement for the Town of Bassfield, eliminating the Bassfield Police Department.

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