PHS Band 2013

Published 9:57 pm Friday, September 6, 2013

Prentiss High Band will be stepping out in style

By Shirley Burnham

Prentiss Headlight Correspondent

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Prentiss High School Band Director Ali Muhammad is working diligently with his 60+ band members this year to school them in fundamentals and marching standards.

Muhammad stated his goals last year were to concentrate on teaching fundamentals, comprehension and interpretation of music and engage his students in musical events to promote learning. He says he is still striving toward those goals that are renewed every year with the entrance of new students into the band.

Last year the band grew to some 50 students and this year has exceeded 60 as more students become interested in playing an instrument and being a part of a quality band.

Growth also presents challenges. Muhammad said the donation of band instruments last year was such a blessing and hopes that many who still have unused instruments will donate them this year.

Not only will the PHS band sound better but this year they will look better as well. The JDC School Board has approved $32,000 for purchase of much needed new uniforms that should arrive in time for parade season and the students will be stepping out in Prentiss High pride.

“We set high standards and we are making great strides in that direction,” stated Muhammad. We’re working on breathing skills, rhythm drills and theory with technical applications. What you see on the ball field isn’t half of what is taught in the classroom. We expect to prepare for Honor Band held at Co-Lin and Pearl River. And will focus on concert style music.”

Parent participation and interest has picked up this year Muhammad says and he is encouraged that the first Band Boosters meeting had a good turnout of support. He expects they will work hard all year to help the PHS band reach its potential.

“With support of the School Board, Principal Pete Howell, motivated students and motivated parents we expect to do great things this year.”