Meet The Jetsons!

Published 10:05 pm Tuesday, September 10, 2013

June 26, 2013

You are holding in your hands the very first ever copy of The Prentiss Headlight created with Adobe . . . Indesign . . . CS3. Oh, be still my beating heart…just the sound of the program name makes you think it must be the latest and greatest in newspaper computer layout and design technology, when in fact the program is eight years old. But for The Prentiss Headlight this is like a cross between The Jetsons! meets Rocket Science!

Our old computers ran so slowly that putting the paper together every week has been, no lie, the equivalent of working on dial-up. Waiting, restarting, waiting, rebooting, waiting, get a cup of coffee, waiting, lose all my work, waiting, pull-out-my-now-graying-hair, waiting and more waiting. It’s over, I tell you. The wait is over. Working equipment is a beautiful thing.

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To our loyal readers of The Prentiss Headlight, we offer our explanation and apology for the printing mistakes in last week’s edition which has nothing to do with Adobe Indesign CS3. How awful it must have been for you to be reading along on page one and get to “story continued on page 2” only to turn to page two and not see the rest of the story.

As it happened, we here in Prentiss sent all the pages to the printing press in Brookhaven, but pages two and eleven were accidentally printed from the prior week. There is no way to take away your frustration, but we are printing the stories and photos in their entirety this week for your reading pleasure.

In the midst of this equipment and software changeover along with printing issues, we have had a staff change. Teri Tynes who was with The Headlight for six years as office manager has departed, and taking her position is Prentiss resident, Monique Hester. We say so long to Teri and welcome to Monique who comes to us with a background in marketing and most importantly, a calm and pleasant demeanor which has been a valuable asset during this incredibly busy time.

…And this is just what happened in the office. Outside our door has been a three-ring circus as well.

The kids graduated. Bright young minds, few of whom can find jobs this summer, will plan their futures, some going off to college, some offshore, some will wait and see. A majority will leave the area never to return. I left. Leaving was the best thing I ever did. I saw some of the world, found myself, and learned to better understand and appreciate this place from which I came. Then I had to go ruin it all by coming back. I’m only kidding. I love it here. Whupdidooo!

Most recently, two city elections were held. The mayoral tallies were razor-thin close. The people spoke and the old guard won with Prentiss getting a fifth term from Charley Dumas.

And be it duly noted: Bassfield elected a woman mayor. This moment in time should be acknowledged. As far as I know, neither town in this county has ever elected a female mayor. Gender does not make a person better or worse, or more or less able, but because a woman has never held a mayoral position in this county, again, be it duly noted: a woman was elected. Glass ceiling broken.

And Pat Courtney is not just any woman, but a woman of a certain grand age. The message is clear, ladies: it is never too late. Go back to school, learn to fly, start a business, run for mayor. Anything can be achieved.

Applause goes to Mary Curtis, John Williams and Michael Caldwell, candidates who campaigned and did not win. It takes courage, money and a love of place to put oneself on the line. You won our respect and our thanks.

Here’s wishing all these public servants, new graduates and Monique the best of luck in their positions. May all of our futures be bright and successful.