Creating our own new jobs

Published 3:27 pm Wednesday, September 11, 2013

January 30, 2013

I used to be one of those people who thought I had to go to Hattiesburg once a week for some thing or other I just had to have, that I could not live without, and that most definitely could not be purchased in Jeff Davis County.

Now that I have this ball-and-chain of a job, I never leave the county. And, surprisingly, I noticed recently, I have just about everything I need right here. Oh, sure, it would be nice to have sushi or go bowling, but for basic livable needs, I survive quite well here at home. In fact, I’ve become a real shop-at-homer.

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Upon deeper thought, I wonder what service would enhance life here, make life easier and create a job for some entrepreneur.

A friend in Bassfield said we could use a pest control service. If you’ve ever had termites then you know the need. There is not one pest control agent in the county, unless they are here and haven’t advertised.

Another necessary job in life is a cobbler, someone who fixes shoes, shines shoes, protects shoes from wear and weather. I’ve heard several people mention they had use for one.

We could use a computer repair service. As many households now have internet capability, there is a need for repair and/or basic computer education.

Patsy could always be heard saying you can’t buy a white shirt in Prentiss. How about a store for dress clothing…

Now it’s your turn. Think of a new business that would make your life easier, and then let’s find somebody to start it…