Glorious run in Prentiss, sad day for Boston

Published 3:13 pm Wednesday, September 11, 2013

April 17, 2013

If you weren’t in Prentiss on Saturday, you missed a great day. Besides the weather being an absolutely perfectly sunny Mississippi day (like really, folks, it doesn’t get any better than this!) the atmosphere and activity that was going on proved Prentiss knows how to throw a party.

There was something for everyone.

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Arts and crafts at the outdoor market featured Clem artist, Cole Bond and and his original paintings. Cole just learned to paint six months ago by watching video of famed PBS artist Bob Ross. When I was a kid, I could take the best afternoon naps listening to Ross’ smooth voice as he described his brushstrokes. “Let’s just put a tree right here next to this old farmhouse…”

And there were so many homemade crafts by local artists to choose from. There was even an educational booth hosted by Algreen Organics showcasing their new business of plant food products touted to beat Miracle Gro.

Prentiss hosted its first-ever antique car show. Well-maintained cars lined the green with sleek looks that took you back to a time from way-back-when you could make out on a front seat without a console being in the way. Ah, those were the days.

Rumor had it that the car show in Collins and in Laurel on Saturday did not have as many cars as we did…and this was our first year hosting.

Finally, the race was unparalleled in organization. I’ve been to a lot of races around south MS and few are as organized as ours. Registration was seamless and the pre-reg’d people got a nice and fast all-inclusive packet. Fast sign-up is key when you’re going to a race. There’s a lot to think about and a lot to do before a race (stretch and warm-up and most importantly and mandatory, visit the loo) and nobody wants to wait in a line and that is not a problem in Prentiss.

For 30 years on the second Saturday of April the town has come together to host a spectacular event. Since 1897 the city of Boston has come together to host the Boston Marathon every third Monday of April. Their town is just as excited as ours for the annual event only on a much larger scale.

Runners share a common bond and the shock of such horrofic violence at an event that symbolizes peace and harmony with nature and ourselves has affected us all.

Our hearts are forever with Boston.