Longing for springtime

Published 3:23 pm Wednesday, September 11, 2013

February 20, 2013

I must be going crazy. I spent the entire day on Saturday cleaning my house from top to bottom.

Longing for springtime

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I always say there is nothing like a good spring cleaning, especially when there is other work to avoid doing…no matter that it is only February and spring is still a month away.

I did the floors, windows, dusted furniture, and aired out the house in the brisk mid-50’s weather.

Then I decide the yard looks awful and is need of some flowers, so I head on over to Jackson Farms for something colorful and in bloom.

All I see for sale is shrubbery, big green bushes everywhere, but not a flower in sight. Then owner Teresa Jackson walks out and asks can she help me find something.

Oh absolutely, I say. I’m looking for flowers. Something that is easy, beautiful and something hopefully, I will not kill.

Teresa, who most definitely thinks I’m crazy, tells me that flowers are not ready to be planted until at least the first of March and to be safe, probably even mid-March.

Oh well. Obviously, I know that, but after all the rain that has fallen in recent weeks, I really want spring to get here.

Hurry up, March 20!