Out-of-towners welcome for holidays

Published 3:32 pm Wednesday, September 11, 2013

January 2, 2013

There were lots of visitors in the county throughout the last two weeks of Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Faces we do not normally see and cars with license plates from out-of-town and other states dotted the county.

Driving around every community on Christmas Day, there was at least one or two houses that was a central meeting place for family gatherings. Neil Burns said some of his grandkids have cars now, making his driveway on Christmas Day look like a mall parking lot.

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One outstanding quality all these visitors seem to have in common was their thinness. All skinnier than us, their clothes sort of hung on them as if they had never had to use the last hole on their belt.

They came to the right place. If there is one thing Jeff Davis County can fix, it’s skinny. Their problem is nothing more than an extra helping of fried chicken could not solve. All they need is a few trips to some of our fine eating establishments or grandmas kitchen for chicken and dumplings, and at least one if not six or seven of their problems will be over.

Whether popping over to the tax office to pay the annual bill or darting over to the Headlight office to renew that out-of-town subscription, we hope they took some time out to enjoy the fine food of the southern chefs of Jeff Davis County.

It’s back to the grindstone now, but we hope you visitors stick around for awhile. And for fixing your skinny problem…you’re welcome. Have another hush puppy.