Taking stock before moving on

Published 3:33 pm Wednesday, September 11, 2013

December 26, 2012

A man was overheard on the street last week saying “If I get any happier, I don’t know what I’m gonna do.” What an attitude! There is a chance he may have been drinking, but nevertheless, that is not a bad way to look at life.

The time of year has arrived when we are compelled to make resolutions to be happier,  to do better, to lose weight, to keep the checkbook balanced, to floss, and the list can go on of things that can be done to improve one’s life.

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However, it can be good to also look back and be proud of what is done right. Our county, as we well know, often gets the short end of the stick much of the time, but we do do, and yes I used the phrase do do, because we do do some things right.

For instance, our public schools are improving. Perhaps only slightly, perhaps in some young lives and not all, and perhaps the adults totally disagree. Several people have commented how impressed they were with the Bassfield High School football team’s actions on and off the field this season. It is not surprising. Because I am around the kids all the time now, I hear them talking about their dreams and aspirations to pursue higher education, and we will see by end of school year, I believe, the results of hard work being done by teachers and students.

Another accomplishment: back in May, the Governor dropped by and put a shovel in the ground and six months later, we have the land prepped for Foley Products Company set to lay their foundation any day now. There have been delays, but the Board of Supervisors have been assured construction will begin soon. Having a company choose to locate their factory here is a huge accomplishment – just ask the counties that were not chosen. And a message to the world…We’re open for business…give us a call.

Finally, and this is good news, The Prentiss Headlight was purchased by Boone Newspapers, Inc. Our small newspaper has been steadily arriving on newstands and in mailboxes since 1906 and after multiple owners, editors and staff, and over 5,500 editions produced by ad sales, writing, layout and design and delivery, our baby will move into a new and exciting direction beginning in the new year. But we cannot do it without your help. We need stories and story ideas, photos of the weddings and family reunions and kids and scary big snakes and humongous watermelons because our future growth is dependent on you. The Prentiss Headlight is not any one of us, but is all of us.

Now, on to those resolutions.

Happy New Year to all!