The creative gene in us all

Published 3:25 pm Wednesday, September 11, 2013

February 13, 2013

We have a lot of artists in this county who hide their talent under a bushel. I know, because several of you have come to me and expressed a desire to write and shown me your poetry and songs. One man brought several paintings to our office saying he has been painting for years.

I think it is high time we showed off. The MS Arts Commission is looking for people passionate about arts and culture to sign up to become Arts Ambassador volunteers in their communities.

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The job consists of getting the word out about events, opportunities, dates and deadlines of programs offered by the MAC.

MAC is hoping to get a representative from every corner of the state. Ambassadors are asked to serve a three-year term and there is an application process.

Be our Jeff Davis County arts ambassador. Tell us about contests and grant opportunities. Contact MAC at www.arts. or (601) 359-6529.

In these times of a challenging economy, MAC feels their services can help communities make connections for partnership and collaboration.

In other words, since businesses are not beating down our doors to move in and employ us all, then we should show the world our culture and where our talents lie, whether it be in music, art, design or writing poetry, plays or fiction. Let’s show off.