Words of Wisdom from a table at Ward’s

Published 9:02 pm Tuesday, October 29, 2013

For the historical record, let it be known that in the year 2013 and thereabouts there was a fast-food restaurant chain in Jeff Davis County known as Ward’s that was known for serving a mean chili-burger and a frosty mug of root beer.

Besides a good meal, this establishment with branches in Prentiss and in Bassfield, provided a home and a soapbox to those who wanted to expound on the affairs of the world, the nation, the county and the town.

On any given day over cups of steaming coffee, astute thinkers, wise men, and sometimes the occasional woman would toss up subjects affecting all, batting around complaints, ideas and solutions to the days’ problems. Fueled by caffeine, the patrons talked over one another spouting witty repartee and pointed jabs at authority.

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This past Friday afternoon I happened into the midst of the Prentiss crew. Three men sat at a table, a woman in a booth and the promise of another pal who was ‘just running late’ for the apparent standing appointment.

“Wait ‘til you hear what he has to say,” they promised.

Topics for this particular Friday discussion were gas prices in Prentiss. “Why are they so much higher than any other town around here?” they asked.

“How is it the Superintendent can keep raising taxes and nobody does anything about it?”

“Why are food prices so high at Ramey’s?

The group wanted answers from their audience of one, but trying to get a word in edgewise was near-bout impossible. Like a speeding train, the subject changed with no stops and no clue of where it was going next. Having accidentally walked into their web, they were not letting me go.

After only an eight-minute stay, a topic was broached that signaled my cue to depart.

“Why is there never anything worth reading in The Prentiss Headlight?,” they demanded.

On that note of raw honesty, I slid to the edge of my seat and made for the door.

A hundred years from now, great-great grandchildren will be asking how pawpaw spent his retirement days in the early 2000’s….

Once upon a time boys and girls, Bassfield and Prentiss had a place called Ward’s where pawpaw would go and sit at a table for hours drinking coffee as hot as the comments and vented frustrations of his pals.   

We wish you much continued success gentlemen, and lady, on finding the answers to the woes of the world.