History in the making

Published 8:42 am Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It took long enough; it is the year 2013 after all, but The Prentiss Headlight has finally joined the modern age by launching a website.

The design and content is far from being what we envision, but with time, we hope to be the go-to destination for all the news of Jeff Davis County.

We do want to temper your anticipation for up-to-the minute breaking news. With our small staff and dependence on community writers and photographers (who have jobs and lives of their own), getting the Friday night game story on Saturday morning probably won’t happen right away.

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In some ways our situation is similar to a soft-opening of a new restaurant. We will probably get a few orders wrong and even send out the wrong food, but eventually we hope to smooth things out.

Our hope is that this digital mode of communication that we hear more from you, the reader, and can have a more interactive relationship. Your comments and suggestions are welcome and necessary for us to grow and expand.

Log on and enjoy The Prentiss Headlight online…www.prentissheadlight.com