Pay property taxes before Feb. 1

Published 2:05 pm Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Owners of land, personal property and mobile homes in Jefferson Davis County are seeing an increase in their tax bills because of a 1.33 millage increase this year following last years’ 10.6 millage increase.

To avoid paying even more, pay your property taxes now before penalties add up after February 1.

The Town of Bassfield now charges 10 mills while the Town of Prentiss is 38.56 mills. Neither town increased taxes for the year. Owners of property within city limits must pay property taxes at each respective City Hall, while county taxes are paid at the Tax Assessor and Collector’s office of Sue Shivers Worthy.

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Payment of taxes may be made in person or by mail. “We will mail tax receipts back to those who pay by mail,” said Worthy. Owners may also pay via credit or debit card, but will incur a three percent surcharge for that service.

Worthy described another option that may be of interest to taxpayers. “During January only, you can pay half of taxes owed and get on a payment plan for two more payments and be charged a penalty only on the remaining balance,” she said.

Owners of property within city limits must pay tax on that property at City Hall for Bassfield or Prentiss.

Property owners also have between January 1 and April 1 to sign-up for Homestead Exemption if there have been changes in status since last year, according to Worthy. Property owners who have a valid 2013 application for homestead exemption on file are automatically signed up for 2013 unless one of the following changes occurred:

-changed marital status in 2013;

-purchased or built a new home or purchased a mobile home in 2013;

-became 65 years old in 2013;

-became 100 percent disabled in 2013;

-made a deed change in 2013;

-If you are filing for the first time.

For those who have never filed before, the following information will need to be provided in person to the Tax Collector’s office: copy of deed, social security numbers, full cost of home and amount of down payment, all car tag numbers, and proof of age and or disability.

For questions about tax payments or homestead exemption, contact the Tax Assessor and Collector’s office at 601-792-4291 or the city halls of Bassfield at 601-943-5425 or Prentiss at 601-792-5196.