Neither rain nor sleet nor snow

Published 9:43 am Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Be careful what you pray for. Last week, I’m praying for snow, and could you believe the mess we got! I should have been more specific with my request.

Assuming Tuesday was going to be the worst of the winter blast, I hit the road on Wednesday and literally hit the ditch three times in a futile attempt to get a Prentiss Headlight in your mailbox. As you know by now, that did not happen.

By mid-morning Thursday, Holley and I were finally able to get on the road to Brookhaven to pick up the now two-day old publication. So much for breaking news.

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In the middle of it all, I get a call from Mary Helen Oatis, “Where’s my Ramey’s paper?” I think I bit her head off. “We’re coming, hold your horses. Ramey’s is coming.

The United States Postal Service deserves a round of applause for being patient and working with us. Prentiss, Bassfield, New Hebron, Silver Creek and Monticello post offices were there when we needed them most.

Lessons learned from the big freeze were loud and clear: 1) be real clear about how you want your snow day to play out, and 2) never, ever get on the road if there is even talk of an ice storm.

NOTE: Last week I recalled making “snow ice cream” in a hand-crank ice cream maker. It was pointed out to me that snow ice cream requires no ice cream machine – simply add sweetened condensed milk and vanilla flavoring to snow and there you have it. Maybe I was thinking of summertime ice cream making . . .? It’s no wonder with weather like this.