Board of Supervisors promotes county clean-up

Published 7:26 am Friday, March 7, 2014

The Board of Supervisors has declared the last two weeks in March (March 17-31) as an official period to clean up Jefferson Davis County.  Several groups have been making an effort to keep our roads clean and have expressed an interest in the community working together as a whole to see a greater reward. Any organized group that would like to participate in this clean-up effort may contact their supervisor to receive more information and/or collect trash bags for the event.

In other news, the board has appointed Pat Evans as county office manager effective immediately.   “Before now there was no one person designated for general incoming calls, nor was there one specific person to type board memos, letters, etc.,”  said Supervisor Corky Holliman.

“Now there will be less of a chance for things to slip through the cracks with an office manager on board. All of our employees do a good job and we appreciate each and every one of them,” Holliman added.

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The supervisors feel this move will greatly improve communication with the public and within the office itself. Evans will continue to be the bookkeeper for the county as well as oversee inventory control.