Jeff Davis Jail Docket Mar 10 – Mar 17

Published 3:07 pm Friday, March 21, 2014

The following names and charges are listed on the arrest docket of Jefferson Davis County for the past week. An arrest does not equate guilt. The name, date of birth and address when available are listed as recorded in the docket.

Neisha Holloway, DOB 6-6-87, 102 Berry Lp, domestic violence, simple assault.

Tejava Magee, DOB 8-17-89, 32 Webster Ave, domestic violence, simple assault.

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Felica Herrion, DOB 3-2-86, 96 Golden Pine Rd, DUS, no insurance, no seat belt.

Trenica Daniel, DOB 10-15-79, 37 Horseshoe Rd, Prentiss, no license, no insurance, no tag, no headlight.

Enoch Buckley, DOB 2-14-85, 25 Magee Lp, simple assault.

Jason McInnis, DOB 4-11-83, 119 Weathersby Rd, New Hebron, DWLS, no insurance, loud music.

Kristian King, DOB 3-31-85, 36 Hill Rd, Prentiss, DWLS, no insurance, no headlights.

Julion Jones, DOB 8-20-73, 55 Ct Price Ln, Bassfield, old fines.

Lawendell Medious, DOB 10-2-93, 24 Jamestown Rd, Foxworth, old fines.

Joel Griffith, DOB 10-17-86, 414 Dan Easterling Rd, DUI 2nd, speeding.

Corey Mathis, DOB 10-17-79, 55 Riegland Rd, old fine.

Nona Raines, DOB 11-6-73, 1126 Budd St. Apt. 2, Prentiss, disturbance of a business.

Marsellis Pittman, DOB 12-6-88, 58 Jordan Hill Rd, Carson, DUI 1st.

Zelda Penn, DOB 6-2-66, 30 Green Harper Ln, Bassfield, capias.

Erwin Burton, DOB 12-21-79, P.O. Box 544, Bassfield, poss controlled substance.

Eric Lott, DOB 10-24-80, 150 Hartzog Magee Rd, aggravated assault.

William Baker, DOB 5-1-69, 790 Willow Grove Church Rd, Seminary, auto theft.

Anthony Aultman, DOB 8-13-90, 931 Lott Town Rd, Sumrall, DWLS, no insurance, improper passing.

Emanuel Young, DOB 4-16-81, 29 McLeod Ln, Bassfield, indictment.

Howard Mayes, DOB 5-17-89, 113 Wilks Ln, Prentiss, indictment.

Rueben Mayes, DOB 11-11-92, 113 Wilks Ln, Prentiss, indictment.

Misty Morgan, DOB 2-15-91, P.O. Box 211, Seminary, grand larceny, court order.

Chad Ashworth, DOB 5-30-83, 205 East Main St, Seminary, grand larceny.