Air-conditioner thieves hit city and county

Published 3:24 pm Thursday, May 29, 2014

Area homes, business and churches have been victims of air conditioner theft over the past several weeks.

Thieves dismantle the outer cover of the unit, then take the condensers and copper and aluminum parts, leaving the outer shell.

The copper and aluminum is being sold at scrap yards for top dollar.

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John Wayne Tolar of the Jeff Davis County Sherriff’s Department suggests that AC owners take pictures of their units and write down the serial and model numbers.

“Make identifying marks on parts if possible.  Anything to deter thieves and distinguish parts to identify ownership,” said Tolar.

Tolar also suggested having neighborhood watch meetings.  “Encourage your neighbors to check your unit as they drive by and report any suspicious behavior,” he added.

The Sheriff’s Office is working together with the Prentiss Police Department in the investigation.

Below is a list of suggestions which may possibly prevent theft of your unit.

If you have any information regarding this matter, please contact the Sherriff’s Office 601-792-5169, the Prentiss Police Department  601-792-5198, or Crimestoppers 601-792-7867.

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