Fresh Fish from Heaven?

Published 8:43 am Wednesday, June 4, 2014

On their recent trip to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton Mountains Bro. Charles Burnham and his wife, Shirley, Headlight correspondent, saw a lot of things they have never seen at home in Jeff Davis County.  The list included moose, elk, grizzly bear, majestic mountains, boiling geysers and snow layered over 5 feet high.  However, the most unusual thing literally dropped in on them.

While grilling on the terrace of their condo in Driggs, Idaho without warning an object hit the condo’s second story window and bounced to the pavement near Burnham. His first thought was one of the five grandchildren on the trip with them had thrown something but Burnham was amazed to see a fresh 12-inch rainbow trout lying on the pavement alive and flopping. Since there was no one else around who might have had a fish in hand he looked heavenward in time to see an eagle above him being harassed by a raven.  The eagle circled a few times but probably decided there was too much activity below for him to retrieve his prize.

Burnham reasoned the eagle had caught the fish and during its aerial aggravation by the other bird the giant fisher dropped its prey to retaliate. Neither bird came back to retrieve the catch but the incident left Burnham with quite an unusual fish story that not even JDC avid fisherman Tommy Breeland can top.

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