Single-engine plane crashes in Granby

Published 9:02 am Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Single-engine plane owned by Sammie Hicks that crash-landed in a field in Granby.

Single-engine plane owned by Sammie Hicks that crash-landed in a field in Granby.

Three people were injured after their single-engine plane crash-landed Saturday morning in a field in the Granby community.

The crash happened at 11:40 a.m. at 116 Thurman Road on the eastern edge of Jefferson Davis County.

A witness who was driving a tractor on the property says the plane came in low over a tree line, bounced once when it hit the ground, lost a wheel and came to a stop upright. At least one wing collapsed on impact.

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“As he looked up, he noticed the plane going overhead and that’s when it made an initial impact, losing one of the wheels and landing into the field,” said Denise Jackson, a deputy with the Jefferson Davis County Sheriff’s Department.plane crash 2 WEB

The pilot told authorities the engine stalled and lost total power. Fortunately, he was familiar with the area and was able to coast to the open field.

Sammie Hooks, 75, of Collins was piloting the plane and is  also the owner of the single-engine aircraft.

The passengers were 38-year-old Kristy Wade and her five-year-old son Connor, both of Collins as well.

Authorities said all three onboard were taken to Covington County Hospital by private vehicle with non-life threatening injuries.

Kristy Wade received cuts to the face and a broken chin. Hooks has a minor concussion and Connor received a cut at the back of the head. Kristy Wade is the only victim in the crash admitted into Forrest General Hospital and family members say she will require some surgery, but will recover fully.

Authorities said the plane took off from an airstrip at the Prentiss Airport.  It is housed in a hanger at the Prentiss Airport as well.

Granby Fire Department was first to arrive on the scene.  Jefferson Davis County Sheriff’s Department, Covington County Sheriff’s Department, MEMA out of Lawrence County, and Jefferon Davis Emergency Management also responded.

“There were three occupants traveling in a two-seater plane.  They are all three lucky to be alive,” said Deputy Jackson.

The FAA arrived Monday on the scene to begin their investigation.

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