Town of Bassfield ordered to terminate clerk, fire chief

Published 9:17 am Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Town of Bassfield held a special meeting Tuesday morning regarding Senate Bill No. 2547 which passed July 1st.

Brenda Saulters and Bill Matthews have been terminated effective immediately.

Senate Bill No. 2547 states: From and after July 1, 2014, the state and any county, municipality or any other political subdivision shall not employ or continue to employ a person who has been convicted or pled guilty in any court of this state, another state, or in federal court of any felony in which public funds were unlawfully taken, obtained or misappropriated in the abuse or misuse of the person’s office or employment or money coming into the person’s hands by virtue of the person’s office or employment.

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“This is not a day that any of us want to face, we have prayed about this and had been hoping it would go the other way,” said Mayor Pat Courtney.

“I got the call yesterday from Attorney General Jim Hood’s office letting me know that Brenda and Bill  can no longer work the Town of Bassfield,” Mayor Courtney added. “The board has to make the termination, there is no other choice”.

Barbara Slater has been hired temporarily as the town clerk.  The board will advertise for this position and take applications at a later date.

Philip Allday,  assistant fire chief,  will now stand in as chief.

“We appreciate the service both of you have given this town,” added Mayor Courtney.

Brenda Saulters addressed the Mayor and Board, “You all have been wonderful and I would like to thank you. You have taken me in on faith and I thank you for trusting me. I know the board did what they had to do and appreciate your love and faithfulness,”

Brenda Saulters’ husband, Lowrey Saulters, also commented, “I want to thank ya’ll for standing by my wife and our family.  She was involved in something that should have never happened, because she was led down that path.  This has a been a tremendous strain on her and she has stuck by her Lord and Savior and He has stuck by us,” he stated.

“The town has been under stress now for several years.  We inherited a problem we didn’t cause,” Mayor Courtney added.