County election commission lawsuit update

Published 2:00 pm Wednesday, July 23, 2014

During the regular bi-monthly meeting of the Board of Supervisors, board attorney Wes Daughdrill gave an update regarding the lawsuit against the county.

Mr. Daughdrill has filed a quick response to their motion against JDC.  There is a hearing in Federal court involving all counties  involved in the lawsuit this Thursday.

The original judge assigned to the case, Judge Henry Wingate, as well as  all federal judges in Mississippi, have recused themselves. A judge from  Texas is bring brought in to preside over the case.

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“This is not a matter of whether or not our records are available, but a matter of whether nor not the information in our voter records should be redacted,” said Attorney Daughdrill.

“We also feel as though we should be reimbursed for our costs involving this matter.,” added Daughdrill.

The issue at hand seems to be the law regarding redacting of records. Under Mississippi State law, the records are allowed to be redacted.

The plantiffs in this case claim under federal law, the information on voter records is not to be kept private and believe federal law outweighs the state law in this particular case.

According to the plaintiffs, they need to be able to tell the age of the person voting as to decipher voters who might have the same name.

According to Daughrill,  the assistants in the Jefferson Davis County Circuit Clerks office handled the situation by the book.

The board gave Mr. Daughdrill permission to represent the Jefferson Davis County Elections Commission.  One board member stated that he believed the state should defend us on this matter and the Attorney General should  be responsible.

Daughdrill explained that the state feels all counties should have a “seat at the table” so to speak and should have their own attorney present.