Board approves beer sales on Sundays & election days

Published 9:47 am Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Aldermen approved the sale of beer on Sundays and election days following a public hearing held December 16.

Teresa Bass, Supervisor at Spaceway, addressed the board on behalf of the business owners in town.

“Less than ¼ of a mile from my store is a business that sells beer on Sunday. Tax dollars go to the county and not the city, just because of where the sign is,” said Bass.

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Rev. Bill Walker of Word Fellowship Church spoke in opposition of the change. “I understand the need to make money and discomforts about money going out to the county, but in the city we have enough trouble as it is.

The more accessible alcohol is, the more accessible trouble is going to be. It is only going to increase foolishness.

We all want our town to be the best city that we can be.  I don’t think we need to deplete our sense of integrity and dignity. ”

“One of my concerns, is that the retail environment in Prentiss is deteriorating, shrinking,” said Alderman Keith Bridges.

Alderwoman Sylvia Ward also voiced concerns, “The last thing we want to do is raise the property taxes for the building blocks of this town.  We have to seriously look at ways to prevent that from happening.”

“We may have to do things that we don’t necessarily like, to keep the town alive. It is our job”, said Alderman Randy Stamps.

“If they are going to abuse alcohol, they will abuse it in town.  They might get it outside of town but come back into town to abuse it,” said Alderman Bridges. “I understand both sides. Our job is to keep this town afloat. That is the bottom line,” he added.

The board closed the public hearing and proceeded the regular monthly meeting with a proposal to sell beer on Sundays and election days.

“Everyone knows they sell it just outside of town.  I don’t think it will be a huge revenue increase in taxes, but I would hate to see one of these gas stations go down while people drive outside of town,” said Alderman Todd Broome just before making the motion.

The board voted unanimously to amend the original ordinance adopted November 6, 1984, regarding the proper rules and regulations for the control of the retail sale of beer.

Beer sales will be allowed during the hours of 12 p.m. and 10 p.m.  on Sunday and during the store’s regular selling hours on election days.

The first Sunday this will take effect will be January 25 pending the 30 day waiting period required after the December 24th publication of the amendment in The Prentiss Headlight.