Jeff Davis County Jail Docket Apr. 20-27

Published 4:27 pm Friday, May 1, 2015

The following names and charges are listed on the arrest docket of Jefferson Davis County for the past week. An arrest does not equate guilt. The name, date of birth and address when available are listed as recorded in the docket.

Quintasha Mikell, DOB 5-28-78, 59 Alex Daley, Carson, shoplifting.

Calvin McInnis, DOB 3-12-81, 119 Weathersby Road, Prentiss, discharging a firearm in city limits.

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Theodore Lampton, DOB 12-30-63, P.O. Box 9938, Prentiss, public drunk.

Linda Upton, DOB 12-3-78, 5647 Highway 13 South, Prentiss, old fines.

Angel Daniels, DOB 10-20-81, 249 Old McIntosh, Collins, grand larceny.

Cassandra Pierce, DOB 4-28-85, 239 Joe Dyess Road, Carson, simple assault on a school official.

Gloria McGee, DOB 11-5-91, 1136 Berry Street, Prentiss, old fines.

Oshaun Johnson, DOB 4-15-79, 89 Smith Jones Road, Prentiss, drive by shooting.

Mikarien Marshall, DOB 6-6-89, 89 Smith Jones Road, Prentiss, drive by shooting.