PRCC GED Classes moving to Vo-Tech

Published 9:26 am Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pearl River Community College now has 30 students enrolled in their GED classes held in Prentiss.

Chamber Partnership Director Ben Hamby approached the Board of Supervisors Monday, along with JDC Superintendent Will Russell, with some issues concerning space.

“We have literally run out of space in the current location, said Hamby. Also, there is no Wi-Fi in the current building to allow for any computer technology in the classes,” he added.

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Hamby suggested moving the classes to the Vo-Tech Center on Highway 42 in Carson, citing they have adequate space and internet accessibility.

“The problem with moving it to the Vo-Tech, is transportation,” noted Hamby.

Five County is available to provide transportation from Prentiss and Bassfield to the Vo-Tech for $7.00 a person, round trip.

PRCC is willing to match funds with the county for a possible solution.

“I think it is an investment to get people educated and in turn they can pursue jobs. Education is of utmost importance,” said Supervisor Michael Evans.

“Our goal is that all students will be lifelong learners, achieve proficiency and contribute to the community in a positive manner. They need an education to get efficient work.” said Superintendent Russell.

The Board of Supervisors agreed to provide half of the transportation costs which will be offset by the recently raised rent of the Five County building.