Jeff Davis County Jail Docket June 1-15

Published 2:45 pm Friday, June 19, 2015

The following names and charges are listed on the arrest docket of Jefferson Davis County for the past week. An arrest does not equate guilt. The name, date of birth and address when available are listed as recorded in the docket.

Jennifer Briggs, DOB 5-28-91, 12 Chetteha Lane, Picayune, old fines.

Greg McNease, DOB 11-23-72, 77 Hayes Gray Road, Bassfield, DWLS, no tag, no insurance.

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Antonio Reggans, DOB 10-7-75, 67 Berry Street, Apartment 8, Prentiss, cyber stalking.

Frank McAfee, III, DOB 5-14-71, 326 Graves Keys Road, Bassfield, weapon possession by a felon, aggravated assault.

Demario Harrien, DOB 6-23-90, Palmetto Apartments 6 #23, Prentiss, drug court probation violation.

L.B. Carson, DOB 5-7-66, 541 North Park Lane, Jackson, grand larceny.

Roberto Barajas, DOB 6-27-67, 204 Pearl Drive, Prentiss, grand larceny.

Cristian Tervino, DOB 7-24-96, Charleston Drive, grand larceny.

Reyna Gomez, DOB 4-8-74, 1586 82nd Avenue, Spring Lake Park, Michigan, grand larceny.

Kellea Gober, DOB 11-14-72, no address given, warrants.

Kermit Fairley, DOB 6-18-90, 15 Adram Drive, Bassfield aggravated assault, warrant.

Jeffrey Craft, DOB 4-8-87, 216 6th SE Lot A, Magee, contempt of court, warrants.

William Kellum, DOB 10-25-86, 224 Albert Graves Road, Hattiesburg, felony fleeing, no drivers license, no insurance, family disturbance.

John Herring, DOB 7-10-76, 20 Daisy Myers Lane, Bassfield, old fines.

Jackie Newsome, DOB 10-25-53, 69 Hills Road, Prentiss, DWLS, careless driving, expired tag.

Christopher Easterling, DOB 5-19-84, 126 Highway 84 West, Prentiss, reckless driving, possession of drug paraphernalia

Eric Lott, DOB 10-24-80, 150 Hartzog Magee Road, Prentiss, murder, aggravated assault.

Linda Carter, DOB 9-24-47, 864 Victors Drive, Prentiss, grand larceny.

William Carter, DOB 5-17-42, 864 Victors Drive, Prentiss, grand larceny.

Travis Hall, DOB 12-15-84, 1375 Dan Street, Prentiss, failure to appear.

Kevin Batimon, DOB 8-4-83, 84 Lincoln Street, Bassfield, warrant.

Raylean Shoemake, DOB 2-15-66, P.O. Box 774, Prentiss, trespassing.

Billy Johnson, DOB 9-5-93, 32 Terrell Odom Lane, Prentiss, simple assault, domestic violence.

William Magee, DOB 6-24-79, P.O. Box 76, Bassfield, old fines.

Lakeisha Batimon, DOB 57 Barnes Avenue #15, Bassfield, malicious mishap.

Theodore Lampton, DOB 12-30-63, P.O. Box 9938, Prentiss, public drunk.

Christopher Berry, DOB 7-11-15, 44 Jackson Trail, Prentiss, court order, probation violation.

Willie Baker, DOB 4-27-48, 188 Hosey Michael Road, Bassfield, DUI.

Bobby Sands, DOB 4-9-64, 455 Watson Rogers Road, Prentiss, DUI, DWLS, disregard for traffic device.

Charles Jefferson, DOB 9-13-84, 38 Sims Lane, Bassfield, public drunk.

Steffon Philips, DOB 9-25-85, 1405 2nd Street, Prentiss, family disturbance, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest.

Jenna Davis, DOB 4-12-88, 2145 Ferguson Road, New Hebron, warrants.

Bobby Sands, DOB 4-9-64, 455 Watson Rogers Road, Prentiss, public drunk.

Timothy Taylor, DOB 5-14-80, 42 Duckworth Lane, Prentiss, possession of marijuana.

Megan Martin Bolin, DOB 3-3-90, 14 Holland Lane, Columbia, bond forfeiture.