Jeff Davis County Jail Docket July 6-20

Published 1:54 pm Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The following names and charges are listed on the arrest docket of Jefferson Davis County for the past week. An arrest does not equate guilt. The name, date of birth and address when available are listed as recorded in the docket.

Jamie Byrd, DOB 10-30-91, 25 Marcelle Lane, Bassfield, old fines, felony possession of a controlled substance with intent.

Brandon Lewis, DOB 1-27-94, 8 Rosie Lane, Bassfield, felony possession of a controlled substance with intent.

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Richard Whitehead, DOB 4-26-56, 1661 Budd Street, Prentiss, open container, public drunk.

Kevin Batimon, DOB 8-4-83, 84 Lincoln Street, Bassfield, felony fleeing, assault on a police officer.

Theodore Lampton, DOB 12-30-63, P.O. Box 9938, Prentiss, public drunk, business disturbance, failure to comply.

Johnny Bates, DOB 11-9-89, 4 Myers Lane, Carson, possession of spice, possession of paraphernalia, public intoxication.

LaShawn Bourne, DOB 4-9-94, 10 Palmetto Estates C-7, Prentiss, two counts simple assault, warrants.

Zelda Penn, DOB 6-2-66, 449 Progress Road, Prentiss, parole violation.

Stacey Lott, DOB 5-24-68, 150 Jot Em Down Road, Carson, careless driving, DWLS, DUI refusal.

Desmond Rayborn, DOB 2-22-85, P.O. Box 553, Bassfield, DUI refusal.

Ashley Lymon, DOB 11-1-85, 93 Joe Dyess Road, Bassfield, disorderly conduct, failure to comply with officer.

Kenneth Riley, DOB 11-1-71, 108 Joe Dyess Road, Carson, hold for questioning.

Calvin Stringer, DOB 9-11-72, Berry Street Apartments #3, Prentiss, disturbing the peace.

Sammy Stogner, DOB 8-10-72, 178 Bullock Road, Foxworth, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia.

Kirt Madison, DOB 7-23-72, 118 R. Thompson Road, Lumberton, DWLS, contempt of court, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia.

Hollis Adams, DOB 3-3-67, 178 Short Chapel Loop, Carson, old fines.

Tamara Eubanks, DOB 4-14-88, 1320 2nd Street, Prentiss, DUI other substance, DWLS, no insurance, possession of paraphernalia.

Elizah Page, DOB 7-13-85, P.O. Box 656, Collins, old fines.

Clifton Wolfe, DOB 2-28-58, 24 Rose Hill Road, Silver Creek, DWLS under implied consent, no head lights, careless driving, DUI.

Chester Bridges, DOB 10-21-75, 440 West Progress Road, Prentiss, failure to appear.

Charles Griffith, DOB 11-4-78, 118 Sons Lane, Mount Olive, possession of a firearm by a felon.

Jason Wicker, DOB 5-20-91, 714 Donald Road, Morton, cyberstalking.

Rommia Hammond, DOB 9-11-57, 267 Hammond Road, Oakvale, DUI, following too closely, reckless driving, no drivers license, no proof of insurance.

Chad Crist, DOB 9-1-75, 102 Garrett Road, Lafayette, TN, failure to appear.

Jamaris Sumrall, DOB 2-6-96, 184 Hartzog Magee Road, Prentiss, careless driving, DWLS.

Marcus Francis, DOB 5-15-84, P.O. Box 283, failure to appear, giving false information to a police officer.

Jeffrey Sanford, DOB 10-4-57, 2860 Highway 42, Sumrall, intro of contraband in jail.

Kelvin Leggett, DOB 12-27-84, 120 Graves Keys Road, Bassfield, warrant.

Kenny Eshun, DOB 4-10-81, 1228 Third Street, Prentiss, old fines.

Carlos Jones, DOB 6-25-74, 300 Rebecca Road, Collins, murder.

Terry Aultman, DOB 7-2-61, 2860 Highway 42, Sumrall, felony of stolen goods.

Kendrick Walker, DOB 9-17-92, 118 Byron Road, Mount Olive, possession of marijuana, resisting arrest by fleeing.

Tellis Pittman, DOB 9-4-76, 449 Progress Road, Prentiss, public drunk.