Jeff Davis County Jail Docket Aug 10-17

Published 7:51 am Monday, August 24, 2015

The following names and charges are listed on the arrest docket of Jefferson Davis County for the past week. An arrest does not equate guilt. The name, date of birth and address when available are listed as recorded in the docket.

William Charles Rawls, Jr., DOB 8-9-63, 99 J. I. Davis Road, Silver Creek, DUI other.

Kyle Broom, DOB 9-3-94, 508 River Bend Road, Columbia, possession of a controlled substance.

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Brandi Shields, DOB 5-30-96, 22 Danni Green Road, Bassfield, possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle, possession of prescription medication.

Robert Ben, DOB 10-7-87, 21 Clem Road, Prentiss, warrants.

Jarvis Perkins, DOB 10-5-92, 28 Gardner Lane, Silver Creek, speeding 74/55, possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle, no drivers license.

Cory Boutwell, DOB 12-3-76, 157 Moc Cemetery, Prentiss, old fines.

Allen Moore, DOB 10-14-86, 54 Hutchinson Lane, Prentiss, old fines.

Taylor McPhail, DOB 8-10-95, 399 McPhail Road, Prentiss, old fines.

Carley Hynum, DOB 10-23-91, 99 Norris Lane, Collins, possession of meth, possession of paraphernalia, careless driving, possession of schedule II controlled substance.

Brandon Jackson, DOB 12-29-94, 29 Jackson Drive, Prentiss, warrant, simple assault.

Patrick Leggett, DOB 9-7-82, 120 Graves Keys Road, Bassfield, parole violation.

Harry Booth, DOB 9-21-51, 558 Willie Buckley Road, Bassfield, DUI refusal.

Benjamin Payne, DOB 7-13-69, P.O. Box 113, Mount Olive, DUI.

Harry Lewis, DOB 1-10-53, 361 Polk Otis Road, Prentiss, DUI.

Sidney Cotton, DOB 1-27-85, 46111 Br Corkern, Franklinton, LA, DUI other, possession of drug paraphernalia, hold for LA warrant.

Andre Cameron, DOB 4-21-62, 204 Rose Hill Road, Silver Creek, DUI, DWLS, no insurance, loud music, failure to yield to blue lights, disorderly conduct.

Robert Expose, DOB 2-21-66, 33 Horseshoe Road, Prentiss, failure to appear.

Dennis Barnes, DOB 5-8-62, 66 Show Barn Road, Prentiss, old fines.

Emmanuel Johnson, DOB 6-25-78, 45 White Rogers Road, Prentiss, possession of cocaine.

Howard Smith, DOB 7-17-61, 4318 Arkansas, Gulfport, trespassing.

Darren Johnson, DOB 1-22-88, 13 Potts Lane, Prentiss, DWLS, no insurance, old fines, warrants.

Wayne Stingley, DOB 1-24-76, 4272 Highway 84 West, Prentiss, possession of paraphernalia, possession of meth while in possession of a firearm with intent to distribute.