Jeff Davis County Jail Docket Sept. 28 – Oct. 5

Published 11:09 am Friday, October 9, 2015

The following names and charges are listed on the arrest docket of Jefferson Davis County for the past week. An arrest does not equate guilt. The name, date of birth and address when available are listed as recorded in the docket.

Shelly Broome, DOB 2-7-83, 735 Greens Creek Rd, Carson, bond surrender.

Euraile Carney, DOB 11-30-94, 9117 Warble, Ocean Springs, attempted murder.

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Manuel Herrion, DOB 10-18-78, 96 Golden Pine Rd, Prentiss, probation violation.

Milik Mickel, DOB 1-8-96, 117 Dewey Ave, Collins, attempted murder.

Janetta Price, DOB 7-14-81, 34 Polk Ln, Prentiss, simple assault.

Kim Adams, DOB 3-24-84, 67 Barnes Ave Apt 7, Bassfield, simple assault.

Dawn Hutchinson, DOB 8-9-77, 64 Hutchinson Ln, Prentiss, simple assault.

Kenny Eshun, DOB 4-10-81, 1121 First St, Prentiss, no DL, no insurance.

Billy Johnson, DOB 9-5-93, 30 Terrell Odum Ln, Prentiss, bond surrender.

Shania Hosey, DOB 12-11-95, 63 Alex Daley Rd, Carson, warrant.

Laretta Johnson, DOB 7-20-59, 30 Terrell Odum Ln, Prentiss, capias.

Antonio Crosby, DOB 12-11-95, 87 Fairley Dr, Collins, attempted murder.

Joey Sylvest, Sr., DOB 8-14-64, 240 Herron-Johnson Trl, Prentiss, warrant (uttering forgery).

Calvin Williams, DOB 5-12-75, 132 Sanatorium Rd, Mendenhall, old fines.

Raheim Hall, DOB 3-11-95, 10 Thurman St Lot 18, Carson, family disturb.

Christopher Honea, DOB 2-4-89, 947 Sontag-Nola Rd, Sontag, failure to appear.

Desmond Williams, DOB 1-1-89, 66 Gholar Rd, Prentiss, old fines.

Jenna Davis, DOB 4-12-85, 2145 Ferguson Rd, New Hebron, old fines.

Edward Bridges, DOB 11-28-64, Chapel Lp, DUI, no DL.

Jessica Young, DOB 1-20-92, 36 Webster Ave, Carson, poss of marijuana, poss of paraphernalia, 3 counts poss of a controlled substance, poss of meth w/out a prescription.

Robert Barrett, DOB 2-9-78, 3743 Hwy 42, Bassfield, disturb. of a business.