From the Center 3-30-16

Published 4:16 pm Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It is “volunteer season” around Prentiss this time of year. While we have volunteers every single day that save lives and come to the aid of others, each spring we have several activities that require more volunteers than those we are blessed with each day.
With our annual Run for the Roses and Relay for Life on the horizon, something needs to be said in appreciation of those that give of their time for these events. And….something doesn’t need to be said. Lets discuss the latter.
Negative comments. Don’t say them…outloud anyway.  If you are not going to volunteer of your time, then sit back and enjoy what others are doing.
If you do not like how these events are organized and handled, please get on the committee. Everyone is welcome to join any committee and these organizations are always needing an extra set of hands.
Maybe a fresh set of eyes and ears is just what a particular group needs to ensure a successful event.
Maybe the same ones are doing everything and it would be nice for new volunteers to step in and provide relief.
And maybe your ideas haven’t been thought of yet and might be just the boost to turn the whole event around.
If you don’t have the time to serve on one of these committees, that’s fine too…but…let’s not speak in a derogatory way to those that are.
These people, like all of us, need to hear positive reinforcement about their efforts. They are giving of their time. For free.
If we lose these events, because of lack of participation and leadership, then our community is who loses.
Thank you to ALL the volunteers who help our community function, succeed and hopefully thrive.

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