Jeff Davis County Jail Docket April 18 – April 25

Published 7:59 am Friday, April 29, 2016

Jessie Coneley,  DOB 06-25-62, 1131 Berry Street, Prentiss, contempt of court, FTA.

Patrick McLaurin, DOB 06-13-14, 53 Sammy Page Road, Collins, no drivers license, possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle less than 30 grams, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Walterio Womack,  DOB 06-11-86, 353 Mt. Zion Road, Prentiss, probation violation.

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Belton Sims, DOB 12-08-90, 250 Black Polk Road, Prentiss, possession of marijuana with intent to sell, possession of stolen firearm.

Jaylen Thomas, DOB 06-23-94, 67 Barnes Ave., Apt #21, Bassfield, murder & attempted murder.

Christopher Grammage, DOB 02-15-83,  29 McLeod Lane, Bassfield,  armed robbery, willful trespassing & simple assault, capias for possession of controlled substance to transfer, deliver or sell while in possession of a firearm.

Robert Expose, DOB 02-21-66, 33 Horse Shoe Road, Prentiss, shoplifting.

Vernon C. Hall, DOB 06-29-71, 324 South Magnolia Street, Laurel, possession of controlled substance.

Scottie Hill, Jr., DOB 02-18-94, 1109 Paul Street, Prentiss, simple assault.

Larry Gregory, DOB 05-29-92, 220 Hammond Road, Prentiss, domestic violence.

Jerry Raynes, DOB 05-16-71, 44 Fate Ward Road, Carson, utility theft, attempted grand larceny, petit larceny, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Antwyn Sutton, DOB 07-31-95, 1218 5th Street, Prentiss, false Information, DWLS, no insurance, expired tag.

Johnathan Evon, DOB 07-01-70, 73 Evans Drive, Collins, no proof of insurance, DUI.

Paul Holmes, DOB 05-10-59, 348 Hwy 541, Prentiss, domestic violence.

William J. Lee, DOB 06-26-85, 110 Coulter Road, New Hebron, cyber stalking, email threats, & harassment.

Derrick Lamb, DOB 02-27-85, 2018 Shiloh Road, Port Gibson, old fines.

Vernon C. Hall, DOB 06-29-71, 98 Dubie Graham Drive, Waynesboro, family disturbance.