Officials participate in school safety meeting

Published 8:06 am Friday, April 29, 2016

On April 19, 2016, the Jefferson Davis County School District Office of Academic Success hosted a Crisis Management Collaboration Session. This session was held at Prentiss High School in the Federal Programs Conference room.
The attendees were presented with information relating to procedures and policies in case of an emergency. The reality of reviewing the preparation and response to any given emergency lies within the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders.
In an effort to ensure safety for all students in Jefferson Davis County Schools, Mrs. Carolyn Hartzog, Five County Child Development Saftey Director; Charles Dumas, Mayor of Prentiss; Mrs. Joceyln Radsdale, EMA Director for Jefferson Davis County; John Thompson, Michael Evans, Corky Holliman, and Bobby Rushing, Supervisors of Jefferson Davis County; Hope Walker, William Jones, Shawonda Barnes, and Sheila Booth, School Resource Officers with Jefferson Davis County Schools; Howard Kelly, Prentiss Fire Department; Kimyatta Durr, Dennis W. Fortenberry Career Center; Cindy Daley, Jefferson Davis County Schools Director of Food Services; Tim Bryant, Jefferson Davis County Schools Director of Technology; Subrina Mason, Jefferson Davis County Schools Director of Exceptional Services; Carrie Hammond, Principal of J. E. Johnson; Vanessa Brown, Lead Teacher of G. W. Carver; Lester Magee, Lead Teacher of Prentiss High School; and Dr. Jason McLeod, Director of Academic Success, were all in attendance.
The crisis management plan for each school was reviewed and several emergencies and their procedures were discussed. These procedures were reviewed to ensure that accuracy of all interested parties and the collaboration and contacting of integral personnel was in place.
There were several issues that garnered the immediate attention of all parties (i.e. inclement weather, evacuation procedures, chemical emergencies, etc.) and that was discussed and highlighted to ensure clarity.
The training of all personnel was also discussed and a timeline put in place to host future trainings and identify any areas that may need improvement.
It is the desire of Superintendent Will Russell that each campus in the district is exposed to the most effective and efficient trainings and support to ensure that all emergencies both as a drill or reality will be completed with accuracy. This can only happen with collaboration and practice. Therefore, as a district we will both collaborate and practice to ensure the safety of all our students.

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