Published 11:37 am Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Open the floodgates of heaven “ let it rain”  thank God for the rain, we see how He is blessing us with rain we don’t know what lies ahead for us.

We say thank you.

We know what happened last year when we didn’t see rain for months.  So let’s be grateful for what He’s giving us today, one day at a time.

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June 5th was my mother birthday,  she would have been “96” years,  blessed years old.  I  had a birthday on last Wednesday “62”,  Eartha Weathersby,  Chel Payne and Earnestine Hall will be celebrating a birthday this month.

The State Convention will be held this week June 8th musical and June 9th classes. Calling “All W. I. A.’S”

President Sis. Ruby Damper want to see you in the place all her W. I. A.’S.

Don’t forget to bring all the items you have been asked to bring.   Hope to see you there.

Have a good day and a safe and secure week.