Published 11:36 am Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hello, haven’t we had good rains this weekend. Hope all of you had a good week. So much has been going on in our family, we are getting ready for a wedding. My granddaughter Carrie Dyess, daughter of Mike and Vera Dyess will be joined in Holy Matrimony to Randy Davis on the 11th of June at 5, wishing them many years of happiness, they will be residing in Columbia.

Had a good Samaritan and neighbor to bring me fresh vegetables out of her garden and they are good. Thanks a lot, you truly are a good friend and neighbor, Kay.

V.B.S. is starting at our church and I know all the children are excited, come join them around 5 or 5:30 each day, Mon. – Fri.

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We had two baptized Sunday morning, what a blessing, just knowing the Lord is still working in our church and hasn’t left us or I should say he hasn’t removed the candlestick.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the fourth Friday of this month, for the singing in Pearl. You are always welcome to go and I will have more on this each week.

I made a mistake in last week write up, it wasn’t my granddaughter or great granddaughter that had a second birthday last week, it was my great-great granddaughter.

I missed thanking the men and women that served and is still serving our country, I thank all of you and still remember all of those who gave their life, they will always be remembered.

Until next time I will say have a blessed week and see you then.