Published 11:34 am Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hello again from the small church with the big heart.

It’s has been another blessed week and we are so grateful for the Lord’s grace and mercy.

Revival times has come around again, and we getting prepared to fellowship with as many as possible.

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In order to make friends, you must first show yourself friendly.

We are off and running beginning the fellowship with our sister church, SalvatIon Hill COGIC in Fannin.

There was a word in the building, delivered by a son of our house, Elder Billy Ray Brown, “Are you ready for a revival?’

The message was broken down and given clearly enough that everyone present could under stand.

The church family always enjoy the time we share with the sister church, seeing pastor Jones and mother Earlene is an added treat.

Elder Frederick Grizell,pastor of City of Refuge COGIC puff Forest,ms  will be the Evangelist for the services.

This  reporter  is a little behind,  I do hope and pray that everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day holiday.

We are grateful to those that have served, protected, and help to preserve this great country.

It is important that remember daily as we go about our lives, the freedoms we enjoy didn’t come without a price, some gave all.

President Angelick Brown and the music department conducted a choir workshop Saturday, and from many accounts it was a success.

Anyone interested in hearing just how well it went, can join us, Second, Third, and Fourth Sundays at 10:45 for church services,  that includes Sunday school every Sunday at 9:00.

Join anytime you can, you’ll be glad you did.

It’s Happy Birthday blessings to all born in the month of June.

We continue to pray all those that have lost love ones, the Jones, Pittman, and Sims family.

God is love.