Published 11:41 am Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tuesday the WS Mission Team will be back from Nicaragua.

I have found there are many little things my husband does during the week that I really miss him doing when he is gone, like making the coffee.

He always makes the coffee every morning because he is a morning person and I am not. The first day he was gone I got up and sleepily looked at the coffee pot I guess expecting it to magically be there but, no coffee.

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“Okay”, I said to myself, “I can do this.” So, I put water and coffee in the coffee pot, however, the ratio was not right and I had more strong coffee than I needed so the next morning I just added water and warmed it up in the microwave.

Problem solved. Not quite as good as what Bro. Charles makes but passable. Where there is a will, there is a way!

There have been three families in the community that have lost loved ones this week.

Be in prayer for the families of Emily Walker, Curtis Bridges and Faye Lee.

Our son, Jonathan will have surgery on his other leg this week and Grana Lane is still having tests done.

James Dale is recovering from his surgery as well.

We appreciate those who have led services in the absence of Bro. Charles during the mission trip.

Bro. Richard Green did an excellent job Sunday morning and services were cancelled Sunday night so families could attend the visitation for Faye Lee.

I especially enjoyed meeting his wife Pat. John Slater filled in Wednesdaynight. Thank you all.

For the month of June we will need to bring small toys such as jump ropes, slinkies, dolls, play dough, balls, etc. for Operation Christmas Child.

This is a great mission ministry that reaches children that won’t otherwise hear about the love of Jesus Christ so remember to bring your gifts each month.

Our VBS will be June 26-30, 5:30-8:30 p.m. Put it on your calendars and plan to bring your children and especially give an invitation and offer a ride to those children you know are unchurched. It is a great mission opportunity and every child is welcome.

Webb Bridges, Helen (Nook) Lee, Lynnie Brides Abbie McRaney and Mabel Bass are in the nursing home at this time.

Mary Shoemake, Calvin Garner and Nell Lee are at home.

If you have any community news you would like to see here contact me at shirleyb39114@yahoo.