Published 11:23 am Friday, June 17, 2016

This week has been a wonderful week in the Outreach Fellowship Community.

We were all excited about the Youth Extravaganza which took place Saturday June 11th.

We hosted many honorable guest within this marvelous event including our very own Mayor Charley Dumas. Mayor Dumas served as our Golf Counselor for the day and did a wonderful job greeting and informing the youth and adults about the game of Golf.

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We were also honored with many other prestiged guest from near and surrounding areas including State Representative Noah Sanford and  Rev. Derek Mingo- Warden of Marion/Walthall Correctional Facility who advise us to “Protect yourself.”

With the Youth Extravaganza aiming to become an annual event it was greatly appreciated that Our Pastor was able to join the WLBT news midday to talk about the event.

The interview took place Friday and was highly anticipated and enjoyed by many of the viewers throughout the South.

Saturday’s Extravaganza led to a highly intense Sunday worship service in which the word was brought to us by Pastor Holloway under the theme of “Call the Law” meaning calling on the spiritual Law of whatever issues you may be dealing with.

Our Pastor stated that if we are dealing with confusion then we should call on the Law of Peace or if we are dealing with resentment then we should call upon the Law of Forgiveness.

With Laws in place we all as people should be able to survive. It was a blessed word from our Pastor.

We are looking forward to you reading with us next week and or visiting with us Sunday Morning at 9:30am for Sunday School and 11:00am for Sunday Morning Worship Service.

We also invite you Monday Night Prayer at 7:00pm and Wednesday Night Prayer and Bible Study starting at 7:00pm.

Thanks and Be Blessed.