Published 11:01 am Friday, June 17, 2016

We had two wonderful services Sunday brought by Zack Daley and Ken Leonard, really enjoyed both, they were a blessing.

We had two more for, or should I say baptized, after the morning service what a joy to know two more will escape the flames of hell, isn’t that wonderful.

Thank the Lord for the rain he sent and for the ones he is going to send always thank him for what he is going to do before he does it.

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It has been a busy two weeks around here with the preparation for a wedding, with preparing of food, decorating and sewing.

All is over except the cleaning up and getting everything back in place, it was worth all the preparation, it was beautiful.

Thanks to Mr. Glenn for having a place so beautiful for it. It is a marvelous place.

Had another good friend and neighbor bring me more vegetables, they will be enjoyed greatly and with thanksgiving, Judy you are very thoughtful and wonderful.

I would like to say if any of you in our community have any news that you would like to have printed give me a call at 601-792-2720.

Our VBS was a success, everyone had a real good time and much was accomplished, thanks to all who made it a success.

May God bless you for putting forth the extra effort and giving of your time, we appreciate you.

Until next time have a blessed week and I will see you then, maybe by then I will have more news and better.