Published 8:19 am Friday, June 24, 2016

The “Son” not the “sun is going to shine if we hold out .

Our path may look a little dim but just remember one thing in this life the “Son” is is going to shine if we just hold on and hold out for this race is not given to the strong but it’s given to the one who holds out till the end.

I hope all the father’s had a wonderful day  on Sunday sharing it with family and friends with gifts,  special outings in the  back yard,  or those who was taken  to  their favorite restaurants, grands telling daddy and papa how much they love them and giving them all kinds of “funny” cards with sayings that describes daddy and papa to the  “T” nothing left out.

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Thank God for Father’s without them we would have no children .

It’s a  blessing from God to have a father who’s going to step up and  be a “Father “  the kind of father’s who God wants them to be.

Father’s as role model for our “young “ men’s that we are loosing daily to gin violence and don’t forget our daughters who needs daddy’s and father’s to lend on.

Come on  “men’s”  step up and be the men’s God is calling on. Get up and get busy for their is work to be done.

Have a good day and a safe and secure week.