Published 8:18 am Friday, June 24, 2016

Hello again, how has everything been serving you this week? Here everything has been well and enjoyable. I have been working, doing yard work, such as trimming limbs and cutting down shrubs. My son-in-law Mike cuts my grass as usual and I’m proud of that at least he keeps it looking nice around here. I am proud of him even if he doesn’t cut it; he is just a nice guy.

A group from Society Hill went to the nursing home in Prentiss Sunday to bless the ones there with singing, but you know they bless us as much as we do them. They sure are sweet and love to talk; I do too and like talking to them. You could have been a part of the things we do to bless people if you were a part of our church, it is very enjoyable, so come join us and make your life worth living.

I was blessed with a new great great granddaughter this past Thursday; Karrie Nicole Johnson is the daughter of Hannah Nicole Johnson and granddaughter of Janice Prine. Karrie weighed in a 7 lbs and 6 oz. and her length was 20 inches, she is so beautiful.

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Some good neighbor killed a copper head moccasin at the end of my drive Thursday, I had been warned about him crawling in it last Sunday, I was on the lookout for him, didn’t know I would find him dead, that is a good snake.

The Lord has blessed us with good rain this week; he sure is good in sending things just when we need it. Enjoy it while it lasts, he may start letting it be far and between.

I pray all of you will have a blessed week and a safe one, see you next week, the Lord willing. Never know what he has in store for us.