Published 8:18 am Friday, June 24, 2016

We are so grateful to be able to be among the dying going to the land of the living, we are making ready for that great day. We have to live by his words and have faith. Rev. Collins brought forth a very soul-stirring message today. This being Fathers Day I must say Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers. Be a leader for our young men, communicate with them and tell them that you love and care for them, our children don’t hear this enough from their fathers. Men take a stand and be men, take the role that the Lord assigned to you.

Rev. Collins, Sis. Collins and Brenda Martin attended the MS State Convention in Alabama; it was a pleasant trip and a learning experience.

Rev. Jamie Hooker was guest at Owen Chapel on Sunday, Rev. Brown’s church in Columbia. The spoken word was really delivered, the Lord used him.

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We are glad Sis. Blanchard is home and out of the hospital and doing well. Mary Williams is in the hospital at Forest General, we pray for all of our sick, in the hospital, at home, and in the rest home for the Lord to give them strength, and also the bereaved families.