Published 8:27 am Friday, June 24, 2016

This week we can continue to praise the Lord and thank him for his many blessings.

I have not been feeling the best, but God is good.

Rev. John C. Williams did the message at Spring Hill on Sunday.

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This pass week ago my family was blessed to have family up in St. Louis, my oldest sister, Nawaa Green and lots of the family were there, lots of food, joy and love, it is good to come together, she loves to cook and I love to eat (smile). Sister Wincie had Father’s Day dinner on Sunday; there I was again, eating. I pray all fathers were blessed.

We continue to pray for all the sick and shut in, those that have lost loved ones. Happy Birthday to all too!

Hello to Zion Hill, Elder Harold, Mom Essie, continue to smile, love you.