Published 8:25 am Friday, June 24, 2016

We started our Sunday morning with prayer followed by Sunday school. We hope all fathers had a nice Father’s Day.

We will be having our Vacation Bible School services this week Monday June 20 through Friday June 24 @ 6pm – 8pm nightly.

We are under the leadership of a Dynamic Pastor, Superintendant Marcus L. Butler and we do invite you to join us for service whenever your schedule allows you to do so. 

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We are praying for our Pastor, Maggie Allen, Hazel Hooker, Vincent Keys, Flora Ross, Betty Price, and those who have lost their love ones, we are simply praying name by name for you, you and you.

We would like to say Happy Birthday to Betty Price, she will be celebrating her special day on the 16th.

We would also like to say Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating his or her special day this month.

Upcoming Events:

Annual Men’s Day service will be held on June 26th at 2pm.

Friends and Family Day the 4th Sunday in August at 2pm

Have A Blessed Week