Published 11:25 am Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Well as the summer rolls along and the month of June comes to close and July prepares to bourgeon forth with life and activity. We all continue to take part in the Summer festivities we endure hot days and enjoy hot dogs. We look forward to the simple things in life such as a cool glass of water, a tall glass of iced tea with a hint of mint, or a shaded area that blocks the Sun’s potent and continuous beams from our person. The simple things in life such as those seem to take center stage during the swelter of a Mississippi Summer. However the community moves and activities are steady.

We would like to send Happy birthday wishes to those whom birthdays fall within the month of June.

We would also like to invite you to our Vacation Bible School to be held in July TBA (time to be announced) so be on the look out.

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And as always you are welcomed to attend our Friday morning prayer services as well as other services Bible Studies every Wednesday at 7:30pm Sunday School every Sunday at 10:00am and Friday Morning Prayer every Friday 10:00am and Pastoral Service every 1st and 2nd Sunday at 12:00 pm.