Prentiss Christian Saints roll over Brookhaven Academy

Published 9:25 am Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Prentiss Headlight / Jennifer Hall—Eric Powell #10 makes his way down the field in the Saints' win over Brookhaven Friday night.

The Prentiss Headlight / Jennifer Hall—Eric Powell #10 makes his way down the field in the Saints’ win over Brookhaven Friday night.

The Prentiss Christian Saints started the season off with a bang; literally.  Thursday night’s Meet the Saints concluded with a rousing firework display and cheer performance.

Apparently it had an effect on the players because the fireworks continued Friday night as well.  Brookhaven Academy rolled into town looking to bounce back from consecutive losses to Prentiss, but that would not be the case.

The Cougars did win the coin toss and elected to receive the opening kick. Josh Daley’s kick hit and rolled out of bounds giving BA control on the 35 yard line.

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An overexcited defense jumped the gun giving BA back to back 5 yard gains.  The run game however, was non-existent for the Cougars against the D-line.

Therefore, the Cougars took to the air.  A couple miscues by PCS gave up yardage to the Saints 12 yard line.

That is as far as the Cougars would go as the “SWAT” team defense settled down and made a stop on 4th and 17.  PCS took over on their own 17 yard line.

Austin Daughdrill, Hunter Sutton and Eric Powell took turns moving the ball to the 34 yard line of Brookhaven.

A holding penalty brought the ball back to the PCS 42 yard line.  Incompletions brought about a 4th down forcing a Blake Greenlee punt.

The ball was fielded on the 15 yard line with no return.  The Cougars took back to the air moving the ball to the BA 46 yard line, but big stops by Kash Miller and Blaise Holder along with a BA penalty forced a turnover on downs at the Cougar 31 yard line.

Daughdrill took the next carry to the Cougar 1 yard line.  Greenlee took the next snap into the end zone on a QB sneak.  The PAT was added by Daley making it 7-0 with 2:14 left in the 1st quarter.

Daley’s kickoff went to the 15 yard line and was returned to the 42.  BA eased up to the 49, but a pass deflection on 4th down by Daughdrill gave the ball back to PCS.  Powell, Daughdrill and Holder pounded the ground to the Cougar 5 yard line.

An incompletion on 3rd and 5 made it 4th down for the Saints.

Daley settled in and hit a 22 yard field goal giving Prentiss a 10-0 lead with 7:20 left in the 2nd quarter.

The Daley kickoff again sailed out of bounds putting BA on the 35 yard line.  Consecutive batted passes by Kolbe Verdun forced a 3rd and 10 for the Cougars.

The Prentiss Headlight / Jennifer Hall—Tanner Berry #67 in Friday night's win over Brookhaven Academy.

The Prentiss Headlight / Jennifer Hall—Tanner Berry #67 in Friday night’s win over Brookhaven Academy.

Tanner Berry and Jack Chavis were after the QB all night and kept him short of the 1st down on a scramble.  The 4th down pass was broken up by Miller giving Prentiss the ball back on the BA 39 yard line.

Jeremiah Sumrall ran the ball all the way to the 17 yard line on 1st down.  The Saints fumbled on the next play, but Evan Coulter was there to recover for Prentiss.  Sumrall finished the drive with a 5 yard rushing touchdown.  Daley added the PAT giving Prentiss a 17-0 lead with 2:47 to play in the 1st half.  Daley kicked wide again putting the ball on the 35 yard line for the Cougars.  The BA 1st down pass was picked off by Powell and returned 40 yards for a touchdown.  Daley punched in the PAT making it 24-0 and then pounded the following kickoff deep to the Cougar 10 yard line.  Brookhaven’s 1st down pass attempt was deflected by Sumrall and intercepted by Powell on the 30 yard line.  An illegal block by PCS following the interception put the ball on the 37 yard line.  Greenlee passed 22 yards to Gage Dungan moving the ball to the 15 yard line. Daughdrill rushed 9 yards to the 6 yard line.  Holder was stopped on 2nd down, but Greenlee found the end zone on the next play.  Daley missed the PAT, but Prentiss had a commanding 30-0 lead with only 36 seconds to play in the half.  The kickoff went to the 20 yard line and was returned to the 33.  A 1 yard tackle for loss by Verdun ended the 1st half.

The 2nd half Cougar kickoff was fielded by Sutton and returned 5 yards to the PCS 37 yard line.  Daughdrill took the first carry 19 yards to the BA 44 yard line.  Powell made a 44 yard run for a touchdown on the next play.  Greenlee’s 2 point conversion pass to Steven Colson fell incomplete keeping the score 36-0.  Daley’s kickoff went to the 12 yard line where it was fielded and returned to the 25 yard line.  Consecutive incompletions on 1st and 2nd down followed by a QB takedown on 3rd forced a BA punt.  The ball was downed on the PCS 44 yard line.  The younger Saints took the field for Prentiss on offense ready to see some game action.  Daniel Magee, Wade Watkins and Colson each got short gains on the ground, but not enough for a 1st down.  Greenlee punted the ball 51 yards to the BA 20 yard line.  The Saint defense stayed strong again forcing another Brookhaven punt from the 15 yard line.  The punt was blocked and recovered by Sumrall in the end zone for a touchdown.  Daley added another PAT giving Prentiss a 43-0 lead.  The following kickoff was boomed to the 1 yard line and the kickoff team stopped the return at the 7 yard line.  Jacob Anderson deflected and almost intercepted Brookhaven’s first pass. A short gain on 2nd down and an incompletion on 3rd down brought about another BA punt.  Watkins fielded the punt at midfield and returned it 2 yards to the 48.  Magee got 16 yards on a 1st down rush, but the Cougars stepped up and stopped the Saint offense.  Greenlee punted the ball out at the 10 yard line.  With 23 seconds left to play, the Cougars elected not to run a play.  Prentiss goes to 1-0 in regular season as they prepare to hit the road this week.  The Saints travel to Clinton to face the Warriors of CCA.

Offensive stats-

Greenlee 1-4 passing-22 yds- 2 rushes-7yds-2TD, Daughdrill 12 rushes-134 yards, Powell 5 rushes-71 yards-1TD, Sumrall 3 rushes-32 yards-1TD, Magee 3 rushes-12 yards, Holder 3 rushes-10 yards, Colson 2 rushes-5 yards, Sutton 1 rush-1 yard, Watkins 2 rushes-0 yards, G. Dungan 1 rec-22yards

Defensive stats-

Sutton 1T-3A, Holder 1T-3A, Powell 1T-2A-2 int-1TD, Daley 2T, Chavis 1T-1A, Miller 1T-1A, Sumrall 3A, Smith 1T, Verdun 1T-1A, Anderson 1A, Daughdrill 1A, Watkins 1A