From the Center 7-13-16

Published 10:53 am Friday, August 26, 2016

We have had some pretty rough weather over the last couple of days.

Severe thunderstorms Monday left most Prentiss city limits residents without power for several hours.

What does one do when there are no TVs to watch or computers engage in? Why jump in the car and “bust a loop” as we used to say.

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It looked like 1990 yesterday afternoon.

Everyone was out and about…trying to get the scoop and check out the damage. It was like the good ole days!

Traffic was slow and you could actually roll down your window and visit with friends in the road.

After getting over the initial panic of a cell phone battery draining, I actually enjoyed the afternoon. There was absolutely nothing that could be done, except relax.

Maybe we need to take one day a month and “power off” of everything we are bound to and simply ride around with no agenda.

I swear the day went by much slower. Maybe that’s why we feel like time passes us by so quickly. Because there is never time to just do… nothing. To daydream, to wander, or wonder. Every spare second is filled with a task or the glow of a cell phone.

As good as technology is, it is  equally that bad when it isn’t working correctly. There were so many alarms and beeps going off in this office I was sure something would detonate at any second.

I spent most of Monday night and Tuesday morning re-booting servers and re-linking information. But I didn’t complain.

That forced “time-out” was much needed.