Published 11:43 am Wednesday, November 2, 2016

One of my favorite nights of the year is Halloween. I love seeing the creativity of the costumes and how excited the children are.

That, plus living in a central location, makes me the best host for our annual Halloween party.

Most of the children in our group are teenagers now, but that’s no reason to stop enjoying the festivities.

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The music is a tad louder these days, but there was still a trailer ride through the cemetery and a few ghost stories.

It was a little more difficult this year without being able to have a bonfire, but we improvised.

Once we loaded the trailer, the kids wanted to ride through town. I made sure someone in our group was behind the trailer in their vehicle. I know our town is small but you can’t be too careful. I guess I’m also the worrier of the group, or maybe just the one that sees the most tragic news.

I was brokenhearted later to hear that a trailer full of children just like ours had been hit by a truck. A mother and her two daughters were killed with many more injured. One minute singing, laughing and sharing candy, the next…a nightmare.

I think a mother’s constant struggle is the tug between allowing her children to make memories and have fun, and keeping them safe and protected as to avoid tragedy.

It is almost not enjoyable for the mom as she is constantly fighting a current within herself.

Teenagers always feel invincible. I guess that is why they actually are able to enjoy moments like last night while the parents do the worrying for them.

It will be soon enough when they are on the other side of the tide.

Our relationship with Newton County has been rivalry in nature, as Prentiss Christian played them for the district championship the last two years.

It’s funny how something so important suddenly seems so insignificant.

We know all too well what it is like being in a small town and facing tremendous tragedy.

Prayers for Newton County, and thank you God for the reality check. It is, after all, just a game.