PCS Saints take a first round win

Published 12:15 pm Wednesday, November 2, 2016

If the old saying is true that it’s hard to beat a team twice, then Friday night was a prime example.

Not only did the Saints face a team for the second time this season, it was a district opponent, which always adds a little more pressure.

In week five of the regular season, Prentiss Christian blew out Wayne Academy by a score of 54-14 on the road.  When the playoffs arrive previous games don’t matter.

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All teams are back at 0-0 and losers go home.

The Saints won the coin toss and elected to receive the opening kick.  The Jaguars kicked off 30 yards to Zevohn Smith who returned the kick 14 yards to the PCS 44 yard line.

The Saint offense got off to a slow start losing yards on the drive setting up a punting situation.

Blake Greenlee’s punt was blocked by a Wayne lineman and recovered on the 20 yard line of Prentiss giving the Jags great field position.

From there, Wayne put together a six play drive that resulted in a two yard touchdown run.

The two point conversion attempt was stopped well short and the Jags were held to a 6-0 lead in the first quarter of play.

Wayne kicked off to Prentiss again and the ball was covered by Josh Daley on the 39 yard line.  Prentiss put together good gains on this drive mixing up runs to Hunter Sutton and Austin Daughdrill, as well as, passes to Josh Daley.

However, a quarterback fumble and loss of yardage set up another Greenlee punt.  This punt got away, but was short and netted only 21 yards. Wayne would start their next drive from their own 26 yard line.  Prentiss held Wayne to a third and long situation, but a pass interference call gave the Jags a 15 yard gain and a first down.  Four plays later, the Saints were faced with another third and long and deflected the Jaguar pass setting up a punting situation.  The Wayne punt went for 32 yards and gave Prentiss possession on their own 26 yard line.  Greenlee hit Eric Powell in stride for a 50 yard gain on first down moving the Saints into Jaguar territory.  Three consecutive incomplete passes kept the Saints on the Jaguar 24 yard line faced with a long fourth down attempt.

Greenlee rolled out and found green grass for a 14 yard gain coupled with a personal foul against Wayne that tacked on 15 more yards putting Prentiss on the five yard line.  The Saints could not find the end zone and were forced to settle for 25 yard field by Josh Daley cutting the lead to 6-3 early in the second quarter.  Daley’s kickoff flew 53 yards and was returned to the Jaguar 20 yard line.

The defense was up to the task this series forcing the Jaguars into a fourth down situation from the 29 yard line.

Prentiss blocked the punt and it was recovered by Smith who carried it the distance for a touchdown.  Daley added the PAT and just that fast Prentiss was on top 10-6 with 8:04 to play in the first half.

Daley’s next kick sailed 50 yards and was returned out to the 23 yard line by Wayne. The Jaguars were again held and had to punt back to the Saints from their own 31 yard line.

Powell and Sutton had gains on the series, but a loss by Greenlee and a false start penalty forced Prentiss to punt back to Wayne.  Greenlee’s punt was downed for 32 yards on the Jaguar 23 yard line.  Prentiss allowed zero yards on the series and forced Wayne into another punting situation.  The Saints nearly blocked another punt as the snap was mishandled by the Wayne punter.  The kick got away, but only for 13 yards.

The Saints came out this series with a well-planned strategy that gained big yards on each play.  Unfortunately, each time Prentiss would gain yardage it would be negated by a penalty.

Eventually, the Saints were faced with a third and thirty from the Saint 44 yard line.  Greenlee’s pass was incomplete, but Wayne was guilty of roughing the passer giving PC a first down in Jaguar territory.  Despite this, Prentiss ran out of time on the half and went into the locker room with a

narrow 10-6 lead.  Daley opened the second half of action with a 50 yard kick that lost five yards on the return due to excellent kick coverage by the Saints.

The Saints shut down the Jaguars early, but gave up a twenty yard pass on third down to keep Wayne’s offense on the field.  On the next play, Eric Powell came up with a strip on the Wayne running back that he also recovered for a 25 yard touchdown.  Daley added the PAT and put Prentiss up 17-6 with 10:08 to go in the third quarter.  The following kickoff was for 55 yards and the tackle was made on the 23 yard line.  The Jaguars moved the ball well this drive getting out to the 45 yard line of the Saints.  A failed fourth down attempt however, would give the ball back to the Saints at that spot.  Daughdrill opened the drive with short runs, followed by a 10 yard pass to Sutton and a five yard run by Sutton.  This opened the door for a 33 yard strike for Greenlee to Daley for a touchdown.  The PAT missed its mark and Prentiss was now on top 23-6 at the 4:15 mark in the third quarter.  Another 55 yard kickoff was returned to the 27 yard line to start the next Wane Academy drive.

The Jaguars put together a nice thirteen play drive getting them to the 11 yard line of the Saints where they converted a fourth down attempt setting up a first and goal.  Wayne attempted a roll out pass that was well covered and intercepted by Smith who previously been beaten on a similar route earlier in the drive.

Smith’s interception was in the end zone so Prentiss got possession on their 20 yard line.  Daughdrill gashed the Wayne defense on first down with a  20 yard run followed by another eleven yard run by Sutton.  Powell and Sutton added short gains to keep the drive going to the Jagaur 38 yard line.   

Three yard gains by Greenlee and Powell forced the Saints into a fourth down situation.

Greenlee found Daley along the sideline for twelve more yards and a first down.

Daughdrill hit Wayne for nine more yards on the ground followed by a 12 yard gain by Jeremiah Sumrall setting up Daughdrill for a four yard touchdown run.  Daley’s PAT missed its mark keeping the score at 29-6 with 3:05 to play in the game.

A 50 yard kickoff was returned 20 yards to the Wayne 30 yard line.  Way behind with time running

out, the Jaguars took to the skies getting a significant gain on second down and drawing a pass interference call giving them 15 more yards.

Wayne was able to connect on a 12 yard pass for a touchdown.  The two point conversion pass was deflected making the score 29-12 with 2:41 to play.

The Jaguars attempted the onside kick that was recovered by Kolbe Verdun.  Following a two yard run by Holder and an eleven yard gain by Daughdrill, Powell broke loose for a 38 yard touchdown run.  Daley added the PAT added to the lead 36-12 with 1:16 left in the game.  Daley’s kick was for 45 yards and despite being bobbled and almost downed, returned 85 yards for a touchdown.  The two point conversion failed halting the score at 36-18.  Wayne again attempted the onside kick and was awarded possession this time despite Verdun’s apparent recovery.  The Jaguar offense had nowhere to go and quickly were faced with a fourth and 18 situation.  Daughdrill stepped in front of the pass and intercepted it.  Unfortunately, his interception and 50 return were negated by a roughing the passer call on Verdun.

Despite the turn of events, the Saints stopped the Jaguars and sealed a first round win.

Prentiss will travel to Canton this Friday night for second round action at 7 p.m..

Offensive stats-

Greenlee 7/15 passing-124 yards-1TD-6 carries-3 yards-, Daughdrill 13 carries-60 yards- 1TD, Powell 6 carries-41 yards-1 TD-1 rec-50 yards, Sutton 4 carries-27 yards-3 rec-18 yards, Sumrall 1 carry-12 yards, Holder 1 carry-2 yards, Daley 3 rec-56 yards- 1 TD

Defensive stats-

Verdun 6t 11a, Sumrall 1t, Chavis 1t 8a, Holder 2t 5a, Powell 2t 3a 1TD, Daughdrill 2t 3a, Smith 2t 3a 1int, Berry 2t 2a, Miller 5a, Sutton 2t, D. Dungan 1t 1a, Colson 2a, G. Dungan 2a, Daley 1t, Watkins 1a