From the Center 12-14-16

Published 9:35 am Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Well, I learned a valuable lesson this week.

We all know technology is a wonderful thing. It can also spoil a surprise.

Although my girls are older, I still strive to have at least one surprise for them on Christmas day.

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I am a big “moment” person, and I still want the “moment” on Christmas morning.

I’m sure they will be grown, with children of their own, and I will still be keeping secrets and listening for hints.

The oldest emailed me from college, with an item she really wanted for Christmas.

I clicked on the link she sent me, but nothing was there.

I told her to actually build the item she wanted (it had lots of personalization factors), put it in a cart, and create an account.

After she did that, she sent me the log-in information. Of course she knew I was going to get it. But I don’t discuss anything, so there is an air of mystery still about what I actually do purchase.

And, here comes technology.

After I proudly ordered her item, I received a screeshot from her, followed by an excited text.

Since the item was in an account she created, it sent her a confirmation email about the order. And…there goes the mystery.

There was also something she hadn’t asked for in the cart. Which would have been a surprise…would have been.

The email detailed my order. Another lesson learned.

It’s ok though, Santa…and moms, always, always have something up their sleeve!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and may you have many “moments” on Christmas morning.

The most important one, happened in a lowly stable years ago.