From the Center 3-1-17

Published 12:54 pm Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Well, I can check that off the list.

I’m sure most people around here find it odd since we are so close to the action, but I had never been to a Mardi Gras parade, until Saturday. That was an experience.

Two of my friends and I loaded up and headed to Bogalusa. To be honest, just riding to Bogalusa and not ending up in a gym or on a football field was enjoyable in and of itself. I didn’t have to drive, figure out where to park, or pick a place to eat.

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Right off the bat, I realized it could be an interesting day. I hopped out proudly wearing my Ole Miss pullover, only to see a sea of purple and gold.

My face would have made a great meme with the caption “The moment you realize you are standing in a crowd in the state of Louisiana with an Ole Miss jacket on.”

This might not be as relaxing as I thought. I was out of the car about five minutes when I heard a loud Hotty Toddy yelled my way. Whew, that was close. At least one person had my back.

I took my seat and began several hours of people watching.

No, I did not jump up and down, or scream, or wave my hands.

No, I did not come home with three bags of beads, cups or spears.

Yes, I know they are free. But why would I need to add to the entourage of junk I already own in my attic?

There IS a small chance I would need an armadillo necklace in the future, but what are the odds I could put my hands on it in time for the redneck pep rally or Halloween?

I can’t say that my traveling partners felt the same. In fact, they became increasingly bitter when they didn’t get bombarded with stuffed hot dogs and bikini tops.

After being ignored by three floats, they decided we were on the “bad” side of the street and surely the other side had more luck.

They were right. I’m not sure if it was luck, or the fact that they stood in front of several police officers. Either way, they hit the mother lode.

We ran into another group from Prentiss and I enjoyed catching up.

I watched a group of college kids from Columbia intermittently and quickly surmised that I wouldn’t go back to those days for a million bucks.  Which is exactly what I hope to eventually take away from my trip. Seventy of them to be exact.

I stopped at the Piggly Wiggly and grabbed a few lottery tickets before we hit the state line.

All that fun and we were back in town before dark.