Tell Me Rally comes to Prentiss

Published 7:33 am Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jim Futral, Executive Director-Treasurer of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board spoke in front of the Jeff Davis Courthouse in Prentiss to encourage participation in the evangelical emphasis Tell Me/Tell Someone sponsored by the Mississippi Southern Baptist Convention. Bruce Cappleman, Church Ministry Relations and Steve Stone, Association Executive Director of Church Growth accompanied Futral.

“Dr. Futral will be speaking at all the rallies encouraging people of all Christian faiths to Tell Me-ask God to lead you to the one He wants you to tell about His love,” Cappleman stated. “And Tell Someone–what Christ has done for you. The response has been excellent. It is not just a Baptist event but cuts across all evangelical lines.”

During the emphasis, which began in January, Futral will visit each of the 92 county seats in Mississippi.

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“If you don’t tell the story of what Jesus has done for you no one else will,” stated Futral to some 60 or more gathered in front of the courthouse. “It’s your story and it’s worth telling. Let God use you. In a day of not particularly good news God has provided us with the good news—the Gospel.”

Futral stated that already they had seen a broadening of the emphasis when they were asked to hold rallies at the 42 state penitentiaries in Mississippi.

The Covington-Jeff Davis Baptist Association was partner for the event. Local pastors Charles Burnham of Whitesand Baptist Church and Lee Faler of Bethany Baptist Church lead in prayer while Dwight Chance of Bethany accompanied Lyn Holloway of Carson Baptist Church who led in songs.